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Opening May 6

Now taking reservations for Mother's Day


The Pink Ivy Teahouse and Gardens

Looking for "the ultimate" teahouse experience?

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The Pink Ivy Teahouse is an exotic place that has extraordinary signature foods & beverages, pampering service, in an unforgettable atmosphere. S ummer relaxation includes indoor/outdoor dining, private luncheons or just having lunch with a friend.

T his authentic hand hewed log cabin renovated into a luxurious teahouse, is only 30 minutes from Winnipeg, located just off Highway #1 East near Richer, MB

Tea room ambience

Fine dining at The Pink Ivy Teahouse

Tea Our "Fair Trade" loose leaf teas are among the world's best and we have selected only the finest from around the world.Coffee Beans We have mastered the art of the coffee bean and grind selection for the best flavors for our signature café lattes and ice capps. Dessert Our dessert line would not be complete without sensational "hand crafted" cheesecakes, tortes and rich dark chocolate sauces. Lunch Made fresh daily from salads & sandwiches to signature wraps with plate presentation artistry. Ambiance Complete perfection!

A table for two

Aromatic tea room

Outdoor dining at The Pink Ivy Teahouse

The Pink Ivy Teahouse is nestled in cottage country, so you choose your style of relaxation by dining in our aromatic tea room or outdoor garden setting.




The Pink Ivy Teahouse in Richer Manitoba



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